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Finding Snakes

& Night Species

Night tour
Finding Snakes
And night Species

Finding Snakes & Night Species

Night Tour | Khaolak Area


The night tour offering a chance to spot snakes and reptiles, insects, spiders and more in their own habitats. We go for the canoeing trip, paddled by local, guided by Jungle Joe the reptile specialists in Khao Lak. Take a walk on the trail in the night and learn about reptiles and snakes of the area. Our team ensures the safety and the protection of the animals. Enjoy the mysteries of the jungle and its nocturnal inhabitants


Snake, Amphibian, Mammal, and Insect Field Trips around Khao Lak

Khao Lak has some stunning wildlife on the planet. One of the most unique and fun experiences you can have in Khao Lak is to go out with headlamps and see some of the snakes, insects, frogs, lizards, slow lorises, colugos, civets, spiders, they are all in Khao Lak rainforests & mangrove rivers.



18:30 hrs. Get picked up from your hotel, by air-conditioned vehicle and our English-speaking guide.


19:00 hrs. Arrive at the mangrove river, board a canoe with local paddleman. The place’s so called “Little Amazon Mangrove River”. Headlights provided. Here animals expected to be seen are pythons, rat snake, gold ring cat nake (mangrove snake), sleeping birds, frogs. The canoe trip takes about 1 hour - 1 and half hour. Then we go for easy trail walking. Here you can expect to see the world of insects and spider, colugos, civets, slow lorises etc. The trail is approx. 800 m. - 1 k.m. long. the guide helps you to spot them.


22:00-23:00 hrs. Get dropped off to your hotel.


Prices :

2,400 thb per adult

1,900 thb per child 5-11 years old, all inclusive.


We pick up from any resort in Khao Lak area

What to bring

long trousers, closed-toed shoes, insect repellent.

Not for;

- 4 years old kids and younger

- People with back pain or operation

- People older than 70 years old

- People with heart disease

- Pregnant people

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