Program  17

Khao Sok : Camping, Lake & Wildlife

Adventure, hiking, camping, boat safari, wildlife tour

3 Days 2 Nights


This tour is our proud and exclusive. Discover the Khao Sok National Park in its fullest beauty : On Land and around the lake. This tour is to combine two tours together (Camping + Lake Wildlife program 16). Experience an unique Jungle Adventure with camping in a complete untouched, natural environment, and spend the second night on the raft house / Chiew Lan Lake. 

Experience an unique Jungle Adventure with camping in a complete untouched, natural environment a very special Tour NOT FOR EVERYONE ! (Every participant has to carry their own water & some food supplies on the trip, estimated weight of luggage: ca. 8-15kg !!)

Khao Sok National Park offers all Adventurers a truly unforgettable Jungle Adventure Tour through the dense rainforest, following small jungle trails, discovering an unseen flora & fauna in an untouched nature. Under the guidance of experienced National Park Rangers we will show the beauty of this unique jungle, like you’ve never seen it before- we promise! Get ready for a 3 Days adventure program of a very special kind

Brief Itinerary

Day 1

07:30 a.m. Pick up from any address in Khao lak ( or Khao Sok). Drive to Khao Sok National Park. We started our trek at the km99 ranger section in Khao Sok along a small jungle trail for 7 km. to Cheowlarn Lake. Hidden treasure of the jungle you can discover and learn from our professional crews ; edible jungle plants, get to know local flora & fauna, making fire for cooking and much more. Take a trek through deep jungle, crossing rivers several times. Explore the surrounding areas ; massive buttress roots & banyan trees are to be discovered, stunning rock formations with caves and grottos to be seen and bamboo forests to be walked. Find yourself in one of the oldest rainforests in Thailand. Our experienced guides & crews are locals of Khao Sok knowing the area very well and are highly educated in “survival techniques” in the jungle.

First Day Trek is a distance of about 7-8 km, depending on the location of our camp set-up within the jungle. The first section of the walk is up-hill for about 1 hour, before it flattens out in the shade of the rainforest. Stop for lunch break- enjoy your Thai food in the jungle surrounded by nothing but the sound of nature! Continuing the trek deeper into the jungle the trail becomes more covered. Along the trail there are always news things to discover, our guides will show & explain you the local flora & fauna- from Tarantulas, gliding lizards over edible plants and fruits from the jungle to the tallest trees in the rainforest, growing on sheer limestone rock formations. Impressions and pictures you will never forget.

Watching the time during the trail, setting up the camp in time, setting up needs time and requires preparation- that needs to be done by your help BEFORE the sunset. Setting up the camp with tents & hammocks, finding wood for cooking and campfire, collecting water for cooking, showering and preparing food need some time. Once everything is set up it’s time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere with the sounds of the jungle and the campfire. After dinner you can just relax, experience the night under an incredible sky of stars in the rainforest. Our crews can offer a night safari walk if you are still active.

Day 2

Wake up for a coffee and breakfast jungle-styled. Pack up and clear the camp site our longtail boat which we pre-book will pick us up and drive to a floating rafthouse. Enjoy sighting the beauty of landscape of the lake on the way heading to "Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary" located deeper than touistic area. Check in and just simply relax, kayak or swim just jump right off your house front door. The raft houses are just simple, basic, bamboo hut, located more far away than other touristic area, good for wildlife sighting.

Time of hi-lights, late afternoon, board a boat for sunset safari for wildlife watching and get a great chance to see animals foraging. Our guide and boat man will help you to spot them. Back to the house and spend the night under the stars and enjoy the sound of nature in this truly unique place.

*2022 Accom Update : the national park ranger's raft houses are out of use, now has built small jungle huts on the nearby island. See photo

Khao Sok Lake_11
Khao Sok Lake_09
Khao Sok Lake_46
Khao Sok Lake_29
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Jungle Hut 2019-20
Jungle Hut 2019-20
Jungle Hut 2019-20
Jungle Hut 2019-20
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Day 3

Early wake up for a morning safari by either Long tail Boat or Kayak. Morning hours are the best chance for wildlife sighting along the shore, as many animals come down to the lake to get water and food from trees close to the Lake. Beautiful scenery awaits you as the sun rises behind the mountain peaks over the jungle.

Back at the raft house it’s time for breakfast before getting ready for another exciting jungle walk (Duration between 2-3 hours possible) at Khlong Saeng. Guided by a Park Ranger from the National Park we trek along river upstream to a waterfall, an “easy” trek on flat terrain, protected from the shade of the jungle with several river crossings, which are perfect to cool down and refresh along the way.

Back to the raft house, relax, and pack up. Board a boat back to the pier in the late afternoon. Get on the coach and drive to Khao Lak.

** See video for more tour details ** 

Group Size : 2-8 persons

Duration : 3 Days 2 Nights

Price : 

Group of 2 persons : 

Adult 15.000 Thb. / person

Child 15.000 Thb. / person (9-12 yrs.old)

Group of 3-4 persons : 

Adult 13.000 Thb. / person

Child 11.000 Thb. / person (9-12 yrs.old)

Group of 5-6 persons : 

Adult 12.000 Thb. / person

Child 10.000 Thb. / person (9-12 yrs.old)

Prices depend on number of joiners, please check availability with us.

Includes: round trip transfers, private boat, guides, crews, national park ranger fee, limited insurance, activity fees, hammock / tent, soft drinks and all meals, national park fees, accommodations

Bring : big bag pack, spare space to place 3 bottles of water and hammock or tent / copy of passport / sun protection / sunglasses / hat or cap / camera / towel and spare clothes / comfortable shoes and trail shoes / insect repellent / swimming gears / towel / flash light / snacks.