- Why do some tours  involve domestic elephant activities (bathing & feeding)?
Domestic elephants have been with humans (especially here in SEA) since centuries, been used for transportation, working, etc. Domesticated animals are in-house born, impossible to release into the wild for many reasons: unable to find (enough) food, due to been fed for many years and due to the lack of food (loss of habitat, deforestation, communities, plantations etc), unable to connect to herds in the wild. So by involving activities with animals in the tourism industry is supporting the animals and the owners in a good manner. Bathing is a very natural behavior of elephants as they do so in the wild, therefore it is not considered a cruelty. We can guarantee our guests a friendly and healthy relationship between the Mahouts and their elephants, as we know them for long time. Believe us and prove by yourselves, they love their elephants just like you do.
We do not own the elephant camps, but finely selected to use local camps which offers "No Riding"
- Can we pre-book the tours from oversea ?
Pre-bookings can be made worldwide via e-mail, contact forms on our website (khaolaktourplan.com), Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or phone call
- Can I book when I get there?

We always run a small group, many tours have limited space, and will sell out sometimes before you arrive in your destination.

We always recommend booking in advance, to ensure you're able to see the sights you want to see while you're on vacation.

- What forms of payment do you accept ?
All Payments can be made by credit card (3% fee), cash and PayPal, in advance or on tour.
- Do you arrange airport pick up ? If so, how do we meet the driver who's picking you up ?
We do arrange airport transfers from and to your hotel (exclusive, but not limited) in Khao Lak. Our  Driver will be waiting at the exit of the airport with our company shirt on and a holding up a sign with your name, flight number and hotel Name.
- Can you offer discount ?
We do offer discount to groups or when several tours are booked. Depending on the size of the groups or price of the individual tours booked with us.
- Can we have a private tour ?
We do offer private tour on request with a surcharge, depending on the tour price of the individual tour(s) booked. Please advise us, if you request a private Tour.
- Are hotel transfers included in the tour prices ?
All tour prices are including hotel transfers (round trips), for pick ups outside Khao Lak area there will be surcharge for the hotel transfer, depending on the location of your hotel.

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