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PrograM 1
Elephant CARE
& Turtle Center
Half Day

A half-day tour visiting ethical “Phang-nga Elephant Park”, offering a chance to meet elephants, observe their behaviors, brush them in the water, cook healthy treats, feed them, and get interesting facts about elephants while you talk to the tour guide along the way. Learn about sea turtles at the head-start project for sea turtles, Tablamu Navy Base, where they are taken care of and get released to the sea. It’s an educational & fun trip for everyone. Transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle without big crowds.

Available in the morning and afternoon, the whole trip takes 3 hours 30 mins (including a turtle center and traveling time). Pick up from any resort in Khao Lak and drive to Phang-nga Elephant Park.

Brief Itinerary

08:00 or 13:30 (morning or afternoon pick up), we pick up from any resort in Khao Lak.

- It takes approx 35 minutes to drive to the park (distance from Khao Lak Center). Get info from our tour guide along the way.
- Arrive at the park, and meet your elephant. Our guide helps you to get acquainted with elephants, and get an orientation about elephant facts.
- Make food for the elephant (from fiber herbs, fruits, supplements, protein etc), and feed them. 
- Brush the elephant in the water, with crushed "Cocoon Vine", an herb which is from-nature, skin-friendly, edible for elephants, and without any chemical substances. The elephant loves to eat them after rubbing their skins. Enjoy playing with them in the water (flow and clean)
- Get refreshments and seasonal fruit.
- Visit the "Sea Turtle Conservation Center", the headstart project to take care of the turtles from hatching to 10 months old. We help the turtles and show support for this volunteering project to increase the number of the turtle to the Andaman Sea.

12:00 or 17:00 Back to the hotel in Khao Lak.

You can choose between a morning or afternoon tour, we offer 2 tours a day, always small group.

Duration :  3-4 hours tour (including transfers, elephant park and a turtle center visit)
Price :   Adult  2,200  thb. / Child   1,600  thb. (3-11 years old)  
All-inclusive / Based on a minimum of 2 persons

Bring : Sun protection, sunglasses, hat or cap, camera , towel, spare clothes, comfortable shoes, and a bit extra cash if you want to buy a photo souvenir from the camp. You are allowed to take a photo with your camera.

Why Phang-nga Elephant Park ?

Phang-nga Elephant Park is a small family-run park, has taken care of elephants more than 150 years heritage experience. Opened in 2015 and keep elephants in a caring and stress-free environment. Give the visitors and extraordinary and life-enhancing experience seeing and learning about these endangered mammals. They are dedicated to providing the elephants with the high quality of life possible and believe in human-elephant interaction is what makes Phang-nga Elephant Park so special.

Why Elephant Care Program ?

By involving these elephant activities is supporting the animals and the owners in a good manner. Elephant Care is to support natural behavior of elephants as they do so in the wild. We can guarantee our guests a friendly and healthy relationship between the Mahouts and their elephants, as we know them for long time. Believe us, the elephant owners love their elephants just like you do.

Not for;

1. The joiner who has healthy physical body condition.
2. The joiner who does not has heart disease or Parkinson.
3. The joiner who is between 4 – 70 years old.

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